Aftercare Advice

Aftercare Advice for Organic Russian Hair

We know how important your hair extensions are to you, and it’s vital to follow these key aftercare steps in order to keep your hair in tip top condition.

Please keep receipts for all the products as hair cannot be returned as faulty without proof that after care have been strictly followed!

Hair Products

OUR HAIR IS NOT COATED IN SILICONE, Therefore the bleach blondes will be thirsty after their bleaching. This is not a fault. This is completely normal and by following our aftercare and using a treatment every week the hair will have a long, silky happy life. !Please keep receipts for all the products as hair cannot be returned if faulty without proof that after care have been strictly followed! A good salon shampoo and conditioner must be used, Joico, Redken, Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner. Moroccan oil Hair mask must also be used, we recommend the REPAIR MASK for the blondes and the standard moisturising intense for the darks, on ends only. Loreal Extraordinary oil, heat protection or similar costing heat protection/serum. Avoid chorine. Cover in direct sunlight (holiday sunbathing ect) Blonde hair extensions can take a green tinge depending on the Metallic components in the water that its washed in (copper and so on) also choline can do this. This is not classed as a fault and can be rectified by and silvering shampoo. Do not sleep with wet hair.


Hair must be clean before the extensions are fitted. Wash hair 3 times with a clarifying shampoo making sure all hair products are washed out thoroughly. Do not use any conditioner as this will cause the bonds to slip and make it difficulty to apply. If you usually straighten your hair please ensure it is straightened before fitting.

  • Do not wash your hair for 48 hours after extensions are fitted, this gives the extensions & bonds time to settle.

  • Always brush your hair before washing to get out any knots and tangles. Brush from the bottom to the top

  • Use shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for hair extensions ( please see above)

  • Do not massage your hair, always wash hair with your head tilted back but do not bend your head over the sink or bath as this will put extra weight on the extensions.  If you have extreme thickness ( Fantasy hair ) this must only be washed at a salon in hair basin and dried and finished by a professional stylist.

  • Apply conditioner from below the bonds and start to comb from the ends up towards the roots but stopping before you come to the bonds

  • Rinse thoroughly, and leave to dry naturally

  • Use leave in conditioner where possible to add extra moisture to the hair

Styling, Sleeping & Swimming

  • Always use a hair extension brush and brush carefully

  • Hair styling tools can be used on extensions but the less you use them the better it is for the extensions

When sleeping, extensions should be tied back in a loose plait or ponytail whilst sleeping to avoid hair from becoming tangled. Each morning undo the plait/ponytail and brush from ends to roots.


When swimming, salt water and chlorine will dry extensions out so if swimming avoid getting your hair wet.

Important Information

Please read this thoroughly before completing a purchase. It’s also recommended you keep a copy of this for your own future reference.


Your hair sheds on a daily basis as part of it’s natural process losing around 50-100 strands a day. Just because you have extensions doesn’t mean this process stops. It continues but since your hair is held together by the extensions it becomes trapped therefore not falling out into your sink or brush. When you remove your hair extensions all of the natural hair that should of come out daily would be released and it appears as thought a lot of hair is coming out at once, so don’t worry, it’s just all the daily build up in one go. Extensions need maintaining and looking after. You have to be willing to spend time on them and have patience to look after them other wise they will not stay in good condition. Longer extensions tend to be harder to look after then shorted ones.


Extensions may also itch and be uncomfortable for a few days after fitting. Mainly when sleeping .This tends to be just above the nape of your neck, in the middle and around your crown as these are the most sensitive areas of your scalp. This will fade as your hair becomes accustomed to the extensions.


If having hand tipped hair extensions fitted you must understand that you hair my shed for the 1st week , this should not continue for over a week, you will have an initial shed straight after fitting when brushed through before completing cut and finish and then you may loose further hair in the days after, this is NORMAL for hand tipped hair and is by no means a stylists fault or poor fitting. Machine tipped hair will not shed at all.


If you have thick and strong hair and need / desire a thick look we will use larger 4mm copper tubes. We will always pull enough hair through the link to ensure that there is not stress or to much pull from the extension to cause damage to hair. Your stylist will talk you through the option,  and give you risks if you decide to have and extreme amount of hair fitted.


What can I return?

Once hair is fitted it it strictly non refundable ( hair and tipping) If you feel during fitting that you do not like the fitting or that they are uncomfortable or that you have concerns  then you must say at that time and not after.


Extra thick long hair extensions ( Fantasy hair)

We regard fantasy hair to be anything  from 250 grams or more on fitting.  With these fittings we will use 4m copper tubes. These fittings are at own risk, and must we strongly advise that you have experience with hair extensions before. They are to be washed and dried at salon with head tilted in back wash basin and dried and styled by a professional. These extensions are NOT recommended for long term use. We will always advise on risks and if you decide that this is still something that you wish to do this is entirely at your own risk and i strictly NON-refundable.